Saturday, 22 November 2014

Music: Ludacris - Ludaverses vol 1 & 2

Ludacris seems to have had enough of people saying "has Luda fallen off" "has Luda still got it" "does he even care for rapping anymore" well Luda has the "Burning Bridges" EP coming next month. And he's been blessing the internet with freestyles over selection of beats. As a fan of Luda, it's clear to hear that he hasn't lost his witty ease on play of words.

Luadverses vol 1 - (Beats: Hot Boy, Tip Toeing on my Jawwdinz and Tuesday)
Luadverses vol 2- (Beats: Ghostface, Numbers On The Boards and Tom Ford)

Music Video: Beyonce - 7/11


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Music: Tink x Jay Z x Rick Ross - Movin' Bass (OG version)

19 year old Chicago rapper Tink, jumped on the Movin Bass track given to her by the producer and label boss Timbaland. This was the outcome.... sweet baby jesus, why wasn't this put on Ross album? Hear the full story on the track Timbaland Breakfast Club interview.

Music Video: Newham Generals - Murkin Yearly

Don't need a reason to post anything new from Newham Generals.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Interview: Timbaland on The Breakfast Club

Well it was only a matter of time, much need opinion of Timbaland. If you want to see what has brought the internet to stand still regarding Aaliyah, don't worry I got you Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B. Oh shit though, the Movin Bass version Tim plays during this interview is crazy!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Movie: Aaliyah - The Princess Of RnB

Some people(include yours truly)hold Aaliyah very dear to their hearts and I have my own opinion as to why. Aaliyah was an all round entertainer, like the new edition of Janet Jackson who had the craziest double act of Missy and Timbaland in her corner. She was making music when it mattered most, when it took you a whole year or more to tire of an album single etc....... Those days you spent money on music because the quality and the standard was so high, that you would look foolish without "that song" or "album" in your possession. 
So the rumblings of a potential Aaliyah biopic/movie to it being confirm, this project has had people sitting on the fence. Famed radio and TV host Wendy Williams production company got the wheels in motion and began the casting of iconic people who would need to be involved in this biopic (yes the whole R.Kelly saga would need to be included in this biopic). The original casting for Aaliyah was Zendaya Coleman, when the news broke out of her being casted the internet didn't play nice.So she dropped out and this put the production on hold. Then they announced they've found a new actress to play baby girl and we also found out who would be playing iconic figures in Missy and Timbaland.
As expected internet went crazy again, to the point some people wanted Zendaya to be re-casted for the role. Members of the Aaliyah family have been against this been produced from the word go. Alot of back and fourth between her family and the production company about this went on for months. Word is the family had no input on this being produced, which already is a can of worms.The US network Lifetime  broadcasted the biopic movie last night and the hangover from internet has gone out of control like a certain someone doing a magazine shoot. Understand this generation of social media keyboard bangers may not have been around for Aaliyah's dominate era, and then you have the rest of us who did. So you decide.....So without anymore delay, here is Aaliyah - The Princess Of R&B (click on the "x" and then hit play)