Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Trailer: Suicide Squad

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you the crazy gang. Please don't stare for too long and would also advise to not make any jokes either. Welcome to the dark and twisted world of the Suicide Squad, where shit is so bad, they need to use a group of lunatics to help with the long arm of the law.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rihanna - B Better Have My Money

We finally get a video for RiRi's latest smash, this was co directed by the Bajan sensation herself. This is a real good week for RiRi as she's just been crowned the best selling digital artist of all time. In this video RiRi's kidnapping the rich girl for ransom, to be fair this is the best treated hostage I've seen. I mean Ri there's a line as long as the wall of china of brothers wishing a Rihanna would kidnap us..... or me!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Top Five: Fast & Furious Movies

So I've finally seen the latest instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise, and walking out of the cinema I automatically thought this movie was super fun. It then had me thinking about the franchise in a whole, and what the best movies have been out of all the seven movies. I've seen every F&F movie in the cinema bar The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (That movie was all kinds of ****). So I'm going to pick from the remaining six, and give my top five F&F movies, starting with no 5.

5.  Fast & Furious (2009)
Movie opens with Dom and crew hijacking tankers in Dominican Republic. Brian wasn't rolling with Dom, as he became and FBI agent, Letty got killed (that's what we thought) in this movie while working undercover. The crew go on a hunt for Letty's killer which leads to entering and invading Mexico. The movie ends with Dom getting sentenced to 25 years to life...... Obviously no jail is seeing Dom. If you're loving the direction of F&F franchise currently, then you have to point your finger at this movie and say thank you.  This started the resurgence of the franchise into a larger than life movie, and now a billion dollar machine.

4. Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
Dom and the gang reunite again and head to Europe, as they are needed by Hobbs to hunt down this deadly solider called Luke Shaw. Agreeing to help Hobbs as Dom's been told that 
someone from his past aka Letty is alive. Reporting live from London....... Fast & Furious gang took over the capital and made it a playground, bet Boris Johnson was having kittens watching the mayhem. Some dumb action scenes in this movie where further proof that this franchise was aware of it's strengths and what it contributes to the movie going experience. It also made it crystal clear these individuals brought together by common interests/friendships were officially family. 

3. Fast 7 (2015)
***I KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO'VE YET TO SEE THIS MOVIE, UNLIKE THE MANY IDIOTS ON FACEBOOK I WON'T SPOIL IT** What I will say is this. We all know that Jason Statham is the bad guy in this movie, he's the older brother of Luke Shaw from Fast & Furious 6. But they're is a third act..... anyway this movie has set the bar so high with the action scenes, the chemistry within the family is at an all time high. And you will throughly enjoy this movie, this next bit is no spoiler. But I dare anyone to watch this movie and not walk out emotional. You're a cold hearted sommerbitch if you dont!

2. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
Ah 2 Fast 2 Furious the follow up to 2001's surprise hit The Fast & Furious. No Vin Diesel as he was getting other movie offers. So Paul stepped up to the plate to spearhead the franchise, which was directed by John Singleton. Thankfully the director linked up again with my guy Tyrese, and never looked back. Brian's in Miami and is contacted by the sexy Eva Mendes to help with a case to bring down a drug lord. Brian agrees only if he can recruit his own partner in crime, and opts to go get his friend in jail Tyrese aka Roman Pierce. This one also saw the introduction of Ludacris's character. Despite this movie not having the blockbuster type action scenes which started in F&F4, this movie still delivered to be entertaining and fun. 

1. Fast Five (2011)

Last but by no means least, despite being the fifth one, my favourite F&F. Dom's broken out of jail by the gang and they all link up in Brazil. Problem is Dom and the gang have caught the eye of the number one guy the FBI uses to catch fugitives The Rock aka Agent Hobbs. Team decide to pull off one last job worth an estimated $100 million dollars by robbing the biggest drug lord in South America, but also have to worry about Agent Hobbs tracking them down in the process. This movie had it all the comedy factor was quick and on point, the action sequences were at peak levels and that fight between Agent Hobbs and Dom was just icing on the cake. Trust me when I say, you can never watch this movie too many times.

I know my number two pick may come as a shock to alot people, considering they've made better movies. But the fact is Tyrese aka Roman Pierce is my favourite Fast & Furious character (sorry Rocky). And the banter between him and Brian was worth it's weight in gold.

So that's my top 5 F&F movies so far, I say so far as F&F 8 has been announced for a 2017 release. Some people are mad that a new one is coming out due to the sad passing of franchise corner stone Paul Walker, I honestly understand your why you'd say that. But look at it from another angle, wouldn't it be a disrespect to his legacy that something he's invested so much time into just ended like it?

Monday, 18 May 2015

Jay-Z Concert

Jay put on his "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business man' hat on for two days last week. We've all heard by now Jay has put on the gloves and has gone in direct competition with the online streaming giants to provide a top quality alternative artists driven service. So what better way to plug the vision (not the one from The Avengers) of your latest ventures, then to offer a concert directly for the subscribers of the service.  This wasn't the typical Hov concert, this was rare songs better know as the B-Sides. Checkout the full concert here...... Oh yeah great surprise in-store during the set.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

#TBT: Chipmunk - Who Are You?

Kind of feels like Chip day, as posted the video for he's latest video "Feeling Myself". This is were it all started in regards to nationwide acknowledgement. Then 16 year old mc called Chipmunk just blazed the scene with his bars and work rate. So thought I'd throw it back to Chip's first televised video for the crowd pleaser "Who Are You?". Blink and you miss my milli milli second cameo at 2:23 hahahahahaha.

Chip x Kano x Wretch 32 - Feeling Myself

This might just be my favourite video in Chip's career so far. Like the fact it was just all off the cuff and realy made me focus on what these high calibare MCs were actually saying. Damn some of the wordplay on this track are nice. So check out this video which was a collaboration with KFC and was shot during a one hour lunch break, check it out. I promise there is no product placement of KFC boxes, as that would make it look cheap. Also check out the latest release from Chip http://smarturl.it/chipbelieve

Friday, 8 May 2015

Too Much Politricking.....

May 7th 2015, Great Britain goes to the poll stations in droves to cast votes, for one person to be the face of UK for the next couple of years.  The build up for this election has been pretty intense, no stone has been left un-turn. Every leader of their respective party has made multiple appearances across the country and TV. I've had multiple letters in the post asking for my vote and people knocking on the door without foods in their hands but clipboards trying to get opinions on stuff and leaving leaflets about the party they're representing. 

This time round I really invested time into hearing everyone's point of view, through the newspaper to the TV spat matches. I almost decided to vote this time round, thought hey why not feel like I'm making a difference and throw my little vote in and hope for the best.

My problem is politics really brings out the beast in some people. Like someone's true colours come across and act like real pieces of shit. Leading up to this election day, social media has played a major part. And with that comes people throwing in their two cents and rightly so. But what's got on my nerves is some people are so blinded by their views, to the point that it comes across ignorant, arrogant and even straight up disrespectful and distasteful. 

A classic case that stood out to me happened just four days ago, so I'll set it up like this. The whole of boxing was locked to the screen ready to watch the Money v Pac-Man fight (given 5 years too late but whatever). This fight was so gravitating that the US release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron only made $187 + million in it's opening weekend.

Anyway even non-boxing fan was interested in this blockbuster fight. One female just went on her Facebook page and wrote on her status "I Would love to see a post that ain't about the boxing!! Would love to know how many of you will be voting on Thursday or how many of you even know that its the Election! Sheep with no priorities... in the words of the great Al Murray... Broken fucking Britain!" WTF has people's personal interest got to do with politics? You're quoting a comedian who's stand up is based around a pub lord character......
Anyway back to putting my name next to a party, it just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I'm naive for this but, I look at these lot and think I'm never going to bump into one of you men in Nandos. And I wouldn't ever see you in Niketown just browsing for some new creps for running  etc.... I just don't see any of these men and think "they understand what's wrong with the community and how to fix it." 

If we're being really honest, UK is a great place to live but it's really fucked up! These kids ain't got much to aspire for, seems there's just a vicious cycle of go to School and when you done there you go off to College. Once done there you head off to University and then come out with qualifications (I hope that's the case), and unless you're super lucky end up working in retail or Carphone Warehouse or something.

Why can't the government cater more to the next generation and set-up a proper situation that they can grasp and make work for them. Like set-up a program that allows students to have a guarantee job, which is as close to what they spent 3-4 of their years studying for. That would help the students get their back into the world of making their own, while not being stressed by the big bill of debt from student loans needed to hep them GET THE QUALIFICATIONS THEY NEED TO HELP BE THE BEST THEM THEY CAN BE!
None of the wannabe Prime Ministers have the look that makes you want to vouch for them. I mean, I know everyone has their opinion on the job Obama has done with the time he's been in office. Had alot of mess to clean up from that guy before him, but the guy just seems cool educated dude. Seems US politics has more diversity than the UK does, why isn't there more diversity in politics? Is that why many people don't vote? Because they're not hearing or seeing how the change is going from someone they can relate with? A chicken can't relate to a cow talking about life. 

Let's be honest out here, how depressing is it when you hear interview with Cameron and there's no rapping involved? Nick Clegg looks like the type of guy that will take the last piece of cake and blame Casper for stealing it while face covered with icing on his face. Ed a Milli a Milli a Milli a Milli kind of dropped his shoulder like Messi on his brother to take his place as the face of the Labour party (these family members ain't loyal naaaaaaaaaaaaaah). And as for that other guy............. the less said the better.

Why do we need a government anyway? Why can't we just get the best qualified brains to run the particular departments moving forward? I hope that whoever makes it to office really sticks to all that fly talk they were giving to win people's vote.  Because nothing was than a liar who lies to get what they want, and in this case that's running a country. I didn't vote so I can't moan about who's in charge but I just hope that some change comes into play.

That's all from me on that one folks.