Monday, 21 July 2014

Movies: TMNT - Behind The Scenes

Ok I haven't seen Transformers 4 yet, but thanks to many of my Facebook friends the verdict is stay away from watching it. But that ain't going to happen as need to judge for myself (but the first one is still the Holy Grail for that series so far). That movie was part of the reason I thought 2014 would be one of the best years in movie history. Had the list of Captain America: The Winter Solider, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, The Amazing Spider....(hmmm lets leave that one over there), Guardians Of The Galaxy, Lucy and of course my guys the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check this behind the scenes special, peep the snow chase scene.

Movies: Why The Hate On Bay's Turtles?

I'm an 80s baby, arguably the era that gave birth to many of the cool things we all take for granted today. Iconic cartoon characters were created in that era, where cartoons did their jobs. Entertaining the masses by being fun, hilarious and cooler than a Penguin eating ice cream. The turtles are part of pop culture and are one of the most beloved cartoons ever created. 
So this classic cartoon which has seen many reincarnations since then, now receives the 2014 treatment courtesy of Michael Bay. So that means we're about to get something nothing short of blockbuster status.  
And as expected once the news broke out, Hollywood's version of Marmite caught some heat. Me? I'm a Michael Bay fan, he makes my Christmas card list every year (if I could send him cards). Why? He gave us Bad Boys 1 and 2 (hurry up with the trilogy Mike), Transformers 1, Armageddon and most recently Pain & Gain. 
He's the master of summer blockbusters, hence he's movie catalogue has made over $5.5 billion. Transformers 4 (which has been the no.1 movie worldwide) and the new TMNT movie will push that to near $7 billion. Bay is only human and has made a few mistakes during his directing career. *cough cough* Transformers 2 & 3 (both had their moments) and now 4 (from word of mouth) are top of the list in that sense. 
The turtles have had many versions since their creation. Anything popular goes through different stages or forms to remain fresh or current. Let's be honest the Power Rangers went from Rangers to Dinosaur defenders to Rose makers to Ministry Of Sound looking security. The turtles have experienced all kinds of versions since they're debut, some better than others:
But there is no blueprint for what these creatures should look like except being turtles. What exactly is a mutant turtle meant to looklike? 
Are we going to pretend TMNT III never happened? Maybe we should because it's such a joke of a movie. So Bay has added a little 2014 to these four brothers ain't no problem there. However us fans all had the right to be mad, when earlier suggestion were indicating that the movie was being titled Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles, Bay behave yourself with that wack title. He is the producer of this new movie and not the director, which many of the Bay haters won't ever bother to mention in their sweaty fan boy argument. I'm looking forward to this movie, it was only a matter of time a new Turtles movie would land. The Nick series is cool and funny and the trailers show they will keep the humour factor in the movie, which is important when you have a don dada in the shape of Mikey.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Music Video: Artists vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ok these epic rap battles are three seasons in, some are hilarious some are silly. But this one was just too funny not to share. Despite all the backlash from the super ultra sweaty nerds over the way M.Bay produced Ninja Turtles look, these one are terrible haha. I think I'd put my money on Mikey winning a rap battle between the turtles though. Word is Michelango ghost writes for Puff Daddy.......

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sports: Brazil Defeat No Surprise

The morning after the night before, normally has you waking up with a smile on your face and going through your mobile phone looking at pictures or videos from partying. Or you may roll over and see you brought the party back to your bed........ CHEEKY!! The beautiful people of Brazil are waking up today realising the biggest party in the world has come to an end, a very taking over the social media where were you when this took place end.
We witnessed the true KO to the beautiful game, forget Spain getting treated like a bad child by The Netherlands. Because when the World Cup comes around the country that's won it the most, is always everyones second team to support.
Let's be honest, this Brazilian squad was always going to punch above its weight at this World Cup. However they had the power of the old cliche 12th man, which in this case was 200 million people. If anyone was going to get this squad far, it was only going to be Big Phil. The telling signs were there from the first game but when you have an individual like Neymar in your team things will happen. But Phil how do you explain this?
Now above is the starting eleven of players who weren't "good" enough to make the final 23 man squad to represent Brazil. How do you explain that none of these players weren't deemed good enough to make the bench for Brazil? Let's pick Coutinho and Lucas helped their team right to the final whistle of the season to almost win the Premier League title with Liverpool (but they didn't HA HA). Lucas Mora plays UEFA Champions League football with PSG, Kaka likewise of AC Milan. Pato is now based in Brazil and makes a waaaaaaay better option than Fred or Hulk, why is  player who has played champions league football in Rafael over looked for Maicon? Then we come to my guy Ronaldinho, yes he isn't in the major lights he used to perform on a daily basis. But he still has the ability which you don't teach a player, they either have or they don't. Oh and he just so happens to play in the same league and team as Bernard.
What Brazil missed last night was a leader with a cool head, David Luiz is under control when he is next to the cool operator of Thiago Silva. Last night was David's chance to stand up and be counted but many of his team mates let him down on the grandest stage of them all. This Germany team requires the opposition to have their best players present when taking the pitch. Brazil had none of those on show, and David Luiz had to look to these players.......
Hulk and Fred have one goal between them for the whole competition, and Big Phil's loyalty excused that horrible fact. He dropped Dani Alves but Hulk and Fred stayed in the team, like the five stars that grace the famous yellow jersey. The guy who replaces Alves goes by the name of Maicon and it's fair to say since that night where Gareth Bale treated the then Inter Milan right back (who at the time was regarded the best in the world) like Bambi on ice. He never ever recovered from that night and everyone saw his demise while at the other side of Manchester. With Neymar not able to continue in the World Cup, who I feel sorry for the most after last night's result he took them as far as possible. 

This Brazil side was slowly bringing themselves to this type of wake up call. Van Gaal took his captain RVP off to enhance chance of beating Mexico, why has Fred played every game and got only one goal to show for it? If he scored only one goal but lead the tournament in assists, nobody would argue his worth to the team. And to back up Fred and Hulk is Jo......... What Brazil would give to have at least Rickie Lambert in their team? Scores goals and helps bring his teammates into play, they would have had a better chance against Germany. The nation of Brazil and the singing of the national anthem have been priceless during this World Cup. They deserved much better last night, losing 2-1 to this Germany side is no embarrassment. 7-1 is the type of scoreline where I wanted the game to be over after the fourth goal, because Germany saw the look of weakness in the team and they just ripped them to shreds. Moving forward this team has to start again, needs to be built around the likes of Neymar, Thiago, Luiz, Coutinho, Ramires, Oscar, Willian, Rafael, Marcelo and other players that are talented enough to wear the famous jersey. This has to be the last time we see the likes of Jo, Fred, Hulk, Maicon being selected. Brazil need to look over their shoulder, the likes of Colombia and Chile shown this competition they are playing that style Brazil seem desperate to find again. But before all that they need to worry about who they face in the battle for third place. I doubt they want to play Argentina after last night's performance. Real sad to see Brazil fail and even worst to see them embarrassed on home soil. Hope this wake up call will benefit them in the future!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Music Video: Mase x Eric Bellinger - Nothing

We have a video from Mase, the kid is back again. Won't lie I'm gassed for a Mase album. 

Music: Busta Rhymes x Eminem - Calm Down

Bus-A-Bus and Slim Shady jump on the track and just spit that......... Warning this track may give you that type of feeling, you'll have the ability to defeat an army in a phone box.